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Founded in 1867, the Star Tribune is the largest newspaper publication in Minnesota. It’s readership is focused around the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area and the Upper Midwest. It has since won six Pulitzer Prizes. It was bought by Glen Taylor in 2014.

Searching to publish an online obituary to a local audience? Consider posting in the Star Tribune Obituaries.

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Looking to publish an online obituary to a local audience? Consider posting to the Star Tribune. 

Paid obituary notices may be placed over the phone, via email, fax, or by regular mail.


  • A phone number, name and address of the person responsible for payment.*
  • The name and phone number of the mortuary or cremation provider handling arrangements. This information is kept confidential and is for their records only. They cannot publish an obituary without this information.
  • Please state when the notice should appear (day and date).
  • Obituaries will be published in all editions of the newspaper and online at with a complimentary permanent guestbook.
  • All obituaries are eligible to appear online one day prior to print publication.
  • *They will take your payment information over the phone after they have received your approval to publish at the cost quoted.
  • They accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and check by-phone as methods for prepayment.


The cost of a paid funeral notice is $10.65 per line for one day in all editions. To publish the same notice for additional days the discounted rate is $5.32 per line per day. Price includes a permanent online obit and guestbook.
Approximately 30-35 characters fit per line


  • Full name (bold print = 2 or 4 lines of space)
  • Age
  • City
  • Date of death
  • Preceded in death by
  • Survived by
  • Visitation information (day, time, location)
  • Service information (day, time, location)
  • Interment
  • Memorial preferences (if any)
  • City of the deceased (to be included in the alphabetical index)

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Looking to publish an online obituary to an international audience? Consider posting on Memories.

Memories offers a variety of formats for your online obituary, including the option to add a quote, image, or simply some heartfelt words which you can publish to our public board.

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