How Memories Works

How Memories Works

Memories is the world’s open community for publishing loving tributes and creating beautiful memorial pages - online and forever.

Why create an online Tribute or Memorial?

An online tribute is a unique way to memorialise a loved one who has recently passed.

Distance is no longer an issue as friends and family members from all over the world are given the opportunity to gather at an online memorial and share their own favourite memories of your loved one.

Why Publish on Memories?

Dedicated Online Tribute and Memorial Platform

Unlike most global newspaper tribute sites, Memories’ platform is completely dedicated to allowing users create tasteful, meaningful, and lasting Tributes and Memorials online.

Online Memories - Forever

Many newspapers’ online tribute functionalities allow Tributes to be published for only a certain period of time. On Memories, your cherished memories and heartfelt words are remembered - and immortalised - forever.

Ad-free Platform

We strive to keep our memorial platform a tasteful and respectful one - without ads. It is incredibly important to us that our space remains completely dedicated to helping you create meaningful tributes and share special memories.

What is the Difference Between a Tribute and a Memorial?


A tribute is a one-off message, quote, or photo story you can publish to our platform for eternity.

A Memories tribute is a great alternative to publishing through a newspaper, which is often much more expensive (and often visible online for only a certain period of time).

Tributes are visible on search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing, while moderators check each tribute to ensure messages remain respectful.

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Our memorials are interactive platforms that you can invite friends and family members to view and contribute to.

Add your favourite memories and share meaningful photos to honour and forever remember a very special person.

Your memorial is customisable, and you can choose whether it’s public or private. For a one-off moderator’s fee, it’s immortalised forever on our platform.

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What should I add to my Memorial?

You can post messages, poems, and quotes, as well as photos and videos.

We also encourage you to invite friends and family to contribute to the memorial and add their own unique memories.

They can also help you build up your loved one’s timeline, where they can add special milestones, events, or even just share a meaningful memory.