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Founded in 1866, the Green Bay Press-Gazette started off as a weekly paper, before starting daily publication in 1871. It primarily covers news around northeaster Wisconsin. In 1980, it was purchased by the Gannet Company, Inc.

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When you send an email requesting for your obituary to be printed in the paper, they will set it up in their system, then send you back a proof of what it will look like, along with a price quote. They will work with you at that time to make any changes necessary so that the look and price of the obituary are acceptable to you. The obituary will not print unless it is paid for before the deadline for the date it is set to print. When working with you through email, they will give you their phone number, which you may call to provide credit or debit card information for payment. Once you have paid for your obituary, they will send you a receipt, and you can expect to see it in the edition of the paper you chose, and online.


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